Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just back from New York where the traffic moved slowly as the UN folks got tax payer police escorts to their various parties. Across the street from the apartment building in which I was staying is the Burmese embassy. Daily monks and others gather to protest the horrendous massacre of monks and others who ask to be heard. I still haven't figured out how to actually post a link but here is one you can copy that shows some photos that got out before the thugs that have control there shut down all internet communications.
Not much about this in the MSM.


Anonymous said...

As the traffic rushed by, and every moment, second, was packed with a billion particles, my I adjusted to the New York City paced city life as my mom( a new yorker of 35 years) clutched my arm. I was soaking up the time with my mom like a sponge, I realized how done she was with New York, it overwhelmed her, pained her. Her eyes were so open that New York and her met again like past lovers that wanted to love, yet acted more like curdled milk. Fun to see your insights of life, they are deep and take time to come up with... thus, your New York reaction. Love ya~

Danish fan said...

Moving the UN to Nouawkchott , Mauretania will solve all the parking problems of the UN diplomatic community in NY.Also those pesky demos will be gaoled.The sooner they move ,the happier they will be.It would be a felicitous development for all those Mercedes driving diplomats from developing countries.And Mauretania needs a new Mercedes dealership.

Gecko said...

Excellent idea, danish fan!