Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Read all of Vanderleun's outrage brought on by the Hollywood consciousness and response to the capture of convicted rapist of a thirteen year old girl drugged and penetrated anally by film directer Roman Polanski thirty years ago:AMERICAN DIGEST Essays, News, Notes, and Quotes
and read this so you can see the links of the disgusting list of the rapists supporters at Pajamas Media.
Ed Driscoll Well, Glad We Cleared That Up — Updated
Hope you have a stronger stomach than mine.

Friday, September 25, 2009

O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. --Augustine

"When the divine descent occurs, it's a little like putting seasoning into a pot of soup. Or maybe prozac into a skull full of neurons. That is, when you sprinkle salt into the soup, you can't just affect the beans but not the meat. Likewise, when you sprinkle an SSRI into a brain, it gets into everything, which is why the effects are nonlinear and unpredictable in their details. Also, it takes a while for the spices -- or the prozac -- or God -- to penetrate and macerate into the substance."
One Cʘsmos
Family Security Matters Publications Exclusive: Obama Throws America Under the Global Bus

Monday, September 21, 2009

Michelle Malkin � Who’s behind “Islam on Capitol Hill?”

"Attorney and “main organizer” of “Islam on Capitol Hill”, Hassen Ibn Abdellah is President of the Elizabeth, New Jersey Dar ul-Islam, Inc. Abdellah was, described October 25, 1993 by the New York Times, as the “most aggressively combative of the lawyers” representing the terrorists who staged the 1993 World Trade Center attacks. His client, the Egyptian-born Mahmud Abouhalima, was convicted of helping to manufacture and transport the bomb detonated in the 1993 attack and is now incarcerated in the Federal “Supermax” prison at Florence, Colorado."Michelle Malkin Who’s behind “Islam on Capitol Hill?”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Since Islam's goal is a world wide caliphate you should be aware of the gathering in Washington on Sept 25 ISLAM ON Capitol hill. I read with great interest about the choice of date for Hawaii's Islam Day HEREHawaii “Islam Day” secretly marks September 11 > Hawaii Free Press > Articles Mainand HERE at Creeping Sharia
Hawaii ‘Islam Day’ falls on Sept 11 of Julian calendar! Creeping Sharia

Sunday, September 13, 2009

One Cʘsmos

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Talkin' Charles Johnson Paranoid Blues
Queeg has now banished PowerLine due to their well-known fascist associations. This follows such other smear merchants and fascist sympathizers as Ace of Spades... Iowahawk... Gateway Pundit... Jammie Wearing Fool... American Thinker... Who's left to sap and impurify Queeg's precious bodily fluids?
Find out at:
One Cʘsmos

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The prolific Paul Johnson, author of "Modern Times"
and "A History of the American People" , and "ART" (and many others) reveals his secret:
Walking Our Way Out of Recession - Forbes.com

Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Missing
by Gerald Vanderleun

Their silence keeps me sleepless for I know:
Within that smoke their ash still falls as snow,
To settle on our flesh like fading stars
Dissolve into sharp sparks at break of day.

At dawn a distant shudder in the earth
Disclosed the flight of fire into steel,
The shaking not of subways underground,
But screams from inside flowers made of flame.

We stood upon the Heights like men of straw
Transfixed by flames that started in the sky,
And watched them plunging down in death’s ballet
Too far removed to hear their falling cry.

By noon that band of smoke loomed low
Upon the harbor’s skin and made us gasp;
A hand of smoke that in its curdled crawl
Kept reaching to extend its lethal grasp.

The harp strung bridge held up ten thousand souls
Who’d screaming run beneath the paws of death,
Like dusted ghosts that lived but were not sure
If they lived in light or only for a breath.

They’d writhed and spun within that storm of smoke
And stumbled out to light and clearer air,
To find upon the river’s further shore
No sanctuary other than despair.

The sirens scraped the sky and jets carved arcs
Within a heaven empty of all hope,
That marked its epicenter with one streak
Of black on polished bone where silver'd stood.

By evening all their ash had settled so
That on the leaves outside my window glowed
Their souls in small bright stars until the rain
Cleaned all of what could not be clean again.

We breathed that smoke that bent and crawled.
We learned to hate that smoke that lingered so.
We knew that blood could only answer blood,
And so we yearned to go but not to go.

Within the city shrines were our resolve.
We placed them where our grief would best anneal.
Upon our walls and trees their faces loomed
To gaze at us from time beyond repeal.

Their last lost summer faded into ash.
Their faces faded into name scratched stones.
Our years flowed into endless desert seas
Where warplanes prowl in search of bones.

In time their smoke and ash became but words
In stories told at dinner, told by rote,
Or in the comments made by magazines
For whom the "larger issues" were of note.

In time their faces faded with the rains,
The little altars thick with wax were scraped,
But still beneath clear plastic they endure
To remind us all that we have not escaped.

Their silence keeps me sleepless for I know.
Vanderleun : September 10, 09

This young mother Kirsten is paying attention, thank God.
Letter warns of terrorist ties to group | Fox10tv.com

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Blogger: One Cʘsmos - Post a Comment: Blogger Gagdad Bob said...

" I used to argue, but not anymore. There's no satisfaction in trying to explain things to someone incapable of understanding. I just let it go, unless I sense that the person is open and educable."

A Doctor's Plan for Legal Industry Reform - WSJ.com


Since we are moving toward socialism with ObamaCare, the time has come to do the same with other professions—especially lawyers. Physician committees can decide whether lawyers are necessary in any given situation.

At a town-hall meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., last month, our uninformed lawyer in chief suggested that we physicians would rather chop off a foot than manage diabetes since we would make more money doing surgery. Then President Obama compounded his attack by claiming a doctor's reimbursement is between "$30,000" and "$50,000" for such amputations! (Actually, such surgery costs only about $1,500.)

Physicians have never been so insulted. Because of these affronts, I will gladly volunteer for the important duty of controlling and regulating lawyers. Since most of what lawyers do is repetitive boilerplate or pushing paper, physicians would have no problem dictating what is appropriate for attorneys. We physicians know much more about legal practice than lawyers do about medicine.

Following are highlights of a proposed bill authorizing the dismantling of the current framework of law practice and instituting socialized legal care:

A Doctor's Plan for Legal Industry Reform - WSJ.com
"...Jamie Glazov’s recent dispute with feminist Naomi Wolf grew out of Wolf’s August 30th article in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Behind the Veil Lives a Thriving Muslim Sexuality.” In that piece, Wolf states that “[t]he Western Christian tradition portrays all sexuality, even married sexuality, as sinful.” She then informs us that Islam, by contrast, “never had that same kind of mind-body split” – and thus has traditionally allowed Muslims to “channel” their sexuality “into marriage and family life” in a manner that “is seen as a source of great blessing, sanctioned by God.”

This cheery view of the Muslim world, coupled with the dark depiction of the Christian West, is entirely a fabrication of Wolf’s imagination, an imagination whose musings are rooted in the leftist paradigm that divides the world ever-so-neatly between two distinct spheres: the evil West (especially America) on the one hand, and the far-more-noble, non-Western world on the other..."

Read it all:
America-Haters Like Naomi Wolf Judge the West by a Different Standard NewsReal Blog
iowahawk: An Ill Wind is Breaking For Our President

"...So," asked the President, elegantly lighting a Marlboro with the hot end of his previous Marlboro, "how do we avoid the Waterloo scenario?"

All hands went up, spasmotically shaking in breathless hopes of a presidential dialogue. For some reason, he selected Frum.

"Maybe... hee hee.. hee.. you should... heh.. like.. spin the protesters?... hee.. like maybe like.. hee hee.. they're crazy or something?" said the starstruck Canadian boob, collapsing into convulsive schoolgirl giggles with Parker. Brooks was too far rapt in an epileptic trance over the President's trouser crease to offer anything of substance.

"We tried that, you fucking retarded fuck," said Mr. Emanuel, understandably irritated. "We spun them as fucking retards, as teabagging perverts, as fucking shithead corporate tools, as goddamned batshit crazy violent fucking gun extremists. We called those ass-munches every fucking name in the cocksucking book, and for some fucking reason they still won't support us. Now why don't you give us a new angle, before I put a size 7 Capezio slipper up you ass.". . .

Thursday, September 03, 2009

“A vital part of leftist thinking is the assumption that to be on the left is the only sensible/decent/principled position to hold and therefore cannot ever be wrong; and that is because to differ from the left is to be of ‘the right’, and the right is irredeemably evil. (The idea that to be opposed to the left is not necessarily to be on ‘the right’ or indeed to take any position other than to oppose ideology and its brutal effects is something that the left simply cannot get its head round). And so the true nightmare is that if ‘the right’ turns out to be actually right on anything and the left to be wrong, by accepting this fact the left-winger will by his own definition turn into an evil right-winger. His entire moral and political identity will crumble and he will grow horns and a tail. So to prevent any possibility of this catastrophe occurring, the opponent has to be eliminated.”

The Only Way To Defeat The Left NewsReal Blog
" If the argument for a wholesale revamping of American healthcare depends on the large number of uninsured, typically estimated at 45 million (although a New York Times editorial elevated the number of medically uninsured and underinsured to over 100 million), then there had better be some plan that goes along with the reform to find the 25,000 to 50,000 new physicians that will be required. And by the way, since the number of physicians retiring in the next decade will be about 25,000 per year, you can see we have a bit of a problem."
Check out "Rules for Radical Conservatives" written by Michael Patrick Leahy . I hope mine will arrive in time to read it this weekend. Meanwhile, here is the new A New Alinsky Rule – ‘Exploit the Children’ NewsReal Blog