Sunday, September 06, 2009

iowahawk: An Ill Wind is Breaking For Our President

"...So," asked the President, elegantly lighting a Marlboro with the hot end of his previous Marlboro, "how do we avoid the Waterloo scenario?"

All hands went up, spasmotically shaking in breathless hopes of a presidential dialogue. For some reason, he selected Frum.

"Maybe... hee hee.. hee.. you should... heh.. like.. spin the protesters?... hee.. like maybe like.. hee hee.. they're crazy or something?" said the starstruck Canadian boob, collapsing into convulsive schoolgirl giggles with Parker. Brooks was too far rapt in an epileptic trance over the President's trouser crease to offer anything of substance.

"We tried that, you fucking retarded fuck," said Mr. Emanuel, understandably irritated. "We spun them as fucking retards, as teabagging perverts, as fucking shithead corporate tools, as goddamned batshit crazy violent fucking gun extremists. We called those ass-munches every fucking name in the cocksucking book, and for some fucking reason they still won't support us. Now why don't you give us a new angle, before I put a size 7 Capezio slipper up you ass.". . .

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