Friday, March 06, 2009

One of the few friends that I retained after my recovery from my stint as a liberal sent me a blank map to fill in those countries that we don't have to live in. It was fun to do though I had to cheat a bit with the map on my wall especially on those countries above Afghanastan. Then I checked out this rethinking our schools site and found materials such as how to teach the war to kids. Go check it out. We wonder at the ignorance of our young people but it starts young.This morning I came across this link over at LGF. Most busy mothers stick their kids in front of the tube and think nothing about it as the TV is their baby sitter and do not realize that it is brainwashing our children as are misinformed teachers and textbooks. Obama wants to get rid of homeschooling and vouchers.
Nickelodeon Broadcasts Cartoon Homage to 'Dear Leader' Obama |

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