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Ann Barnhart:"...In case you are wondering, this is all modeled precisely after the Soviet Union. The "Supreme Soviet" was the name of the token legislative bodies - what we would call "Congress". The Supreme Soviet would "elect" (wink wink) a "Presidium of the Supreme Soviet" which was made up of a chairman, 15 deputies, a secretary and 20 members. The "SuperCongress" that has now been established is patterned DIRECTLY off of the Soviet Presidium. And, exactly as is being propagandized today, the Presidium (SuperCongress) was "accountable to the Supreme Soviet" (Congress). Yeah, right. Sure it was. Read up on this stuff. It's right on wikipedia.
Guys, when I say that the Obama regime is Communist and/or Marxist-Leninist, I'm not just hurling mindless insults. I'm dead serious and specifically accurate. This shit is patterned off the Soviet system down to the letter. WE HAVE BEEN OVERTHROWN BY COMMUNISTS. Honest to goodness, card-carrying Marxist-Leninist Communists." - Commodity Brokerage

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Awesome that you are on this and getting the news out in understandable terms. Thank you.