Monday, July 05, 2010

Michael Patrick Leahy

The grand pooh-bahs at the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, those champions of Big Government statism and the personal acquisition of power, are on their way out. They are relics of an era gone by, and are too dense to comprehend that reality yet.

No one likes them.

No one respects them.

No one trusts them.

No one believes they act on principle.

No one thinks they are thought leaders with any original ideas to address our country's problems.

"This new Era of Grassroots Democracy will have three defining characteristics:

1. It will be Post-Partisan.
2. It will be Ideologically Competitive.
3. It will signal a revival of citizen activism within a new type of intensely engaged, participative grassroots democracy, enabled and accelerated by dramatic advances in technology..."

Michael Patrick Leahy

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