Monday, February 08, 2010

"There it is in plain sight -- a full-scale civil war in Mexico that continues to be downplayed by Washington as just another battle among rival drug traffickers. Treated by the State Department and Homeland Security as simply a domestic criminal problem across the border, this no-holds-barred insurgency threatens the existence of all phases of legal governance in a large portion of the United States' southern neighbor.
The importance of stability in Mexico for the U.S. easily can be seen in the crucial fact that Mexico is the source of close to one million barrels per day of oil imported into the United States -- third only behind Canada and Saudi Arabia.
There is no higher level of terrorism worldwide than that which exists today in Mexico. A conscious effort is in process by the drug cartels to take over the physical areas of northern and portions of central Mexico, replacing existing governmental forms with their own deadly justice. This organized criminal contest now has grown to constitute a form of civil war that isn't much different in effect from what is taking place in the Caucasus, Congo, southern Philippines or even Afghanistan." Read the whole article here:
The American Spectator : Civil War By Any Other Name:and then this one if you can bear it:Exclusive: …And the Violence Continues in Mexico Family Security Matters

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