Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like Dennis Prager, I am full of gratitude for Charles Johnson who got me through the shock of 9/11 and introduced me to good writers and thinkers such as Gagdad Bob, a poster there until he was kicked off for having a differing opinion.

Dennis Prager : An Open Letter to Charles Johnson - Townhall.com: "You offered 10 reasons, and I would like to respond to them. First, as disappointed as I am with your metamorphosis, I still have gratitude for all the good you did and I respect your change as a sincere act of conscience. But neither this gratitude nor this respect elevates my regard for your 10 points. They are well beneath the intellectual and moral level of your prior work." READ IT ALL IF YOU GIVE A TINKER'S DAMN.

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Anonymous said...

What a well reasoned piece.