Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hi Friends,
Because I started this blog to see if I could and because I wanted to boss around my friends and family and share with them read who I enjoy reading. All those links you see here are some of my favorite originals who can write, educate and make me laugh. If I don't link them all, they do. Pretty much you all know who to read if you are so inclined at this point, and if you don't , well, that is your loss.

Now seeing my dear Mom on her journey to the next world in New York.
As my friend Mizze sez, "That's all folks".
Love and Peace through Strength,


julie said...

Hi Gecko,
Sounds like you've got some rough days ahead. May God grant comfort and strength to you and your mother, and all those she loves and who love her.

Mizz E said...

Prayers for both you and your dear Mom.

Hugs, T.

Anonymous said...

I got your texts about Robins and Lisa's Mom....I pray that she went swiftly and that she had no pain- I pray that this is the case for Grandmas as well. I love her sooo soo sooo much....I will miss how she spoiled's so selfish but the time I had with her was so special. The Carlyle lunches, and Serfina's- where she would always be so gracious. Her love was one that was not easy to decode but once you did it was a love that was purely that of beauty. I hope that in the days to come as death comes to take her on a new journey that she leaves all the fear that she has had and embraces the love that surrounds her. Many kisses and hugs...

walt said...

May our hearts be opened, and our prayers be heard.

Take care, Gecko.

Gecko said...

Julie, Tanis, Walt, you are all in my heart. Thank you for all your good wishes and your wisdom. My courageous mother died peacefully this morning in her sleep. Music off the i phone(Pandora for you Mac types) provided Gregorian Chants ; the music of the angels is what my young nephews called it. When the undertakers put that body bag in the car and drove out the driveway I could still hear the sound of that zipper closing the body bag.