Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogger: One Cʘsmos - Post a Comment: "Anonymous Mind Parasites said...

" Whew, thank you from the depths of the horizontal/vertical axis!Like cockroaches and sunlight you've had us running for cover for years.

In the beginning we didn't mind surrendering a few of our more obvious brothers and sisters but lately you've been getting dangerously close to the queen mother.

Now that we have the government of the most powerful nation on earth run entirely by the Elders of The Parasitical Society we are quite content with your decision to take a long vacation.
Pretty soon, after the international meeting of the Global Elders of The Parasitical society, or what you know as the United Nations, our country will embrace Sharia law and you/we won't have to worry about your silly blog.

And to the blasphemer Petey and the notsofunny Dupree...we have a special place waiting for you!
Hey Van, jp,Will et. al.... we know where you pray.

Happily and sincerely,
The Local So-Cal Chapter of
Mind Parasites Craving Anonymity"

10/28/2009 11:39:00 AM"

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