Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you, Raccoons, I still haven't a clue where I'd be now if it weren't for this oasis. There is so much wisdom and clarity and comfort over atGagdad Bob's who is accurate in saying that " the the moral retardation of the left is something one never gets used to." A commenter, Northern Bandit said of a troll who keeps showing up in the comments section:

" Godinpotty is a person who instantly triggers nausea in any decent person.

Thing is, I get that same nauseated sensation with I contemplate myself circa 1985. I was every bit as foul, benighted and shallow as this vile troll.

Why do some of us escape?

Of course I didn't think for one second that I was a bad person when I was an atheist/leftist. I believed I was strongly on the side of the impoverished, the environment, and strongly opposed to the simple-minded dangerous jackbooted thugs who attended church each week.

I could easily have sailed through life as a smug leftist convinced of my own intellectual and moral superiority. Frankly the change I've experienced came almost entirely from outside me, the more I reflect upon it."

6/21/2009 09:52:00 AM

And then along comes Wise Will as we wonder why the most powerful man in the world has the skateboarding going on in the White House as people die fighting for a breath of freedom. Pray without ceasing.

."Blogger: One Cosmos - Post a Comment: "Will said...

As much as I hate foraying into politics, I will make an exception here:

By constantly putting pressure exclusively on Israel while seemingly sanctioning the gov. of Ahmadinejad and the mullahs - he labeled Mousavi as virtually no different from Ahmadinejad, thereby undercutting the viability of Iranian protesters - Obama demonstrates the usual moral perversity of the Left. Even a great many Euro leaders have forcefully condemned the Iranian gov, but not so Obama. Yes, he finally came out with a statement somewhat in support of the protests, but only because he felt the heat. Overall though, Obama has been giving the impression that he thinks a regime change in Iran would not be a good thing.
Here's what I think - Obama actually wants Ahmadinejad and co. to retain their hold on the Iranian gov. so that he, Obama, can be seen by the world to personally talk them out of their nuclear/destroy Israel ambitions. That will never happen, of course, but Obama, I believe, is blinded by his hubristic desire for glory as Universal Peacemaker.
Well, that's actually the most positive spin I can put on it. There are other possible explanations for Obama's favoring of the islamo-fascists over Israel, none of them positive, to put it mildly.

6/21/2009 01:13:00 PM

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