Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Klavan On The Culture » The True Meaning of Joe the Plumber
2009 May 13
The True Meaning of Joe the Plumber

"A lot of conservatives are upset with Joe the Plumber right now. Many—including those here at Pajamas Media where he briefly worked—are disgusted by his recent remark that he wouldn’t allow any “queers” near his children. Most of us who work in the media and the arts have respected colleagues and beloved friends who are gay. Yes, some conservatives have philosophical objections to redefining marriage. Many of us are angered by the hateful gay radical thugs who blacklist, slander and attack anyone who disagrees with them. And we’re furious when, as in Iowa, Little Caesar judges usurp the people’s right to make law. But for all that, almost all the media conservatives I talk to want gays to feel welcome in our society and certainly don’t want them to be victims of prejudice or disrespect." Read it all and lots more a tMaryBelle's blog:
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Anonymous said...

As usual Klavan is on the money.Thanks for this Gecko.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks, gecko!
Klavan is in top form! It's good to see more of his writing. Have you read his new book yet?
I heard it was good. John Nolte, at big hollywood gave it a great review.