Sunday, April 05, 2009

Independent minded Santa Barbarians turned out yesterday for a Tea Party in which Paul Revere, riding his prancing, proud horse, led a tax protest march from the courthouse to a rally that took place between the Federal bankruptcy court and a funeral parlor. The march started with over 1000 people spontaneously singing "God Bless America" and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Singer songwriter Lloyd Marcus(see yesterday's link) warmed up the crowd with a call out to all those who had served in the military singing "Proud To Be An American". Then he sang his original "Tea Party Song" and the crowd went wild. Moderating for the rally was recovered liberal Tammy Bruce, writer and talk show warrior
who inspired independent thinkers, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Libertarian of the urgent need to organize demanding fiscal responsibility from our elected politicians, and to support candidates who vote that way. Novelist, screenwriter Andrew Klavan, delightedly surprised that anybody would turn up but his friends, was very funny in his painfully accurate talk about the many links between big government and Hollywood zombie movies. Local state senators Tony Strickland and George Runner showed up along with the Mayor of Lompoc. There was no clean up necessary after this event. Not one plastic bottle or piece of paper remained after everyone had gone home. Imagine that.
Thanks to Julie to pointing out Glenn Reynold's mention of the event on Instapundit where he posted my pictures and great links to more.
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