Sunday, April 05, 2009

Here is an oldie, reworked goody posted today, Sunday April 5 by the Esteemed Doctor of the Raccoons, Gagdad Bob, who helps me daily to keep my head together at One Cosmos. Read it all if you are so inclined.

"...His Satanic Majesty would probably even request that we not call him "evil." Rather, he would turn the tables and say that humans are evil -- just like the ACLU, he would argue that every cop is a criminal and all the Sunnis saints. So please, have some sympathy for the ACLU, or they will be pleased to meet you in court and lay your solvency to waste. After all, our courts are governed by the Adversarial system, in that they are the one place where the Adversary can have the most influence. This is why it is so vital that the Adversary pack the Sssupreme Court in hisss image..."

One Cosmos

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