Thursday, March 05, 2009

>What a cooninkydink that the email from Christine whose son and nephew are preparing to go to Afghanastan, came the morning after I was perusing The Anchoress
and reading about Fatima who I've heard mentioned here and there. When said email arrived I realized I had skimmed the Fatima part of the blog and went back to refresh my memory and entered a compelling world I knew nothing about being an old type Episcopalian that barely mentions the saints.
Subject: Service flags
>" We are ordering a two star flag (one for each G!) to fly while they
> are but even my mom is getting into it, ordering up,
> putting up the pole, ordering a Marine Corps Aviation sweatshirt,
> and several decals for her me a FIRST. She gave Graham
> a gold hand of Fatima (wards off the evil eye) that she had years
> ago in N. Africa, presented it to him for his 18th birthday. She
> asked him if he could wear it on a chain and he said absolutely,
> the guys wear all kinds of stuff. She is so pleased and is
> tracking one down for herself to wear while he is gone. Eric said
> he would get me the small David Yurman dogtag, silver, tiny
> diamonds around the border and have it engraved with his hame for
> my birthday. Everyone is getting on board!"
Pile on good thoughts and prayers for these young men and an extra one as well considering
their Commander in Chief


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