Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Okay, I know this is kind of gross but friends (and siblings) wanted to see exactly what a shark bite looks like. As my 19 readers already know, my brother was bitten by a shark about ten days ago. He goes in for his skin graft tomorrow. They take skin off his thigh. Yikes.

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Attached is a picture of the bite one week later.  Don’t open the attachment if you do not want to be grossed out.  I am doing great and will get a skin graft a week from Wednesday.  Aloha mike

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It has been almost a week since I made headlines by being the only human bitten by a cookie cutter shark. They are a weird creature living at depths of 3000 feet in the day and feeding on the surface at night.  They attach themselves on to their prey and sink their very sharp teeth into the skin of fish and twist out a piece of skin and flesh like a melon scoop.  I was first hit in the sternum area see picture but it did not get a good penetration and a few seconds later made the bite on my leg that ended my swim and has me into this relaxing mode waiting for healing.  I have been released from the hospital as of Friday and will most likely be back Wednesday for a skin graft.  I am doing good but not liking being inactive keeping my leg up in the air and having to crutch around.  Can’t help be thankful that I am healthy and will be fully recovered.  I have had many calls and visits from friends and well wishers some who I do not even know.  I am a great believer in thinking positive and know the power of friendship in making our lives richer.  I hope to be back in the water in short order enjoying swimming and water sports which

our whole family thrives on.  Sending you aloha from Kula Maui.  Hope to see you in the water soon.  Mike





julie said...

I'm glad to see/ hear your brother is healing well, Gecko. I hope the graft goes well and he has a swift recovery!

Gecko said...

Thanks, Julie, he is pretty amazing. He will be in the water before you know it.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

That may be small compared to most shark bites, but it looks painful nevertheless.
I'm sure more marine biologists will be interested in hearing about this. Maybe National Geographic. Like your bro said, as far as I know there has never been a cookie cutter shark attack.

Did your brother have cookies before his swim? :^)

Prayers for a speedy recovery, Gecko. Your brother is the personification of tough! :^)

PeggyU said...

That looks like it would be very sore! I wish your brother a quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

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