Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More of what is called "The Give Act" and "The Serve Act" from Michelle Malkin via FSM: Read it all.
Family Security Matters Publications To GIVE and To SERVE: The $6 Billion National Service Boondoggle: "Maybe it's just me, but I find federal legislation titled 'The GIVE Act' and 'The SERVE Act' downright creepy. Even more troubling: the $6 billion price tag on these bipartisan bills to expand government-funded national service efforts.

Volunteerism is a wonderful thing, which is why millions of Americans do it every day without a cent of taxpayer money. But the volunteerism packages on the Hill are less about promoting effective charity than about creating make-work, permanent bureaucracies and left-wing slush funds.

The House passed the 'Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act' -- or the GIVE Act -- last week. The Senate took up the companion SERVE Act Tuesday afternoon. According to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate bill (S.277), it would cost '$418 million in 2010 and about $5.7 billion over the 2010-2014 period.'"

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