Wednesday, February 18, 2009

District Attorney Office Releases Names Of Tea Fire Suspects
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Santa Barbara, CA-- The names of ten individuals who are facing misdemeanor charges in connection with the devastating Tea Fire were released Tuesday morning.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office says the 10 people will appear in court on March 2nd for their arrangement on charges of trespassing and building a campfire without a permit.

Those facing charges are Mohammed Alessam, Joshua Grant Decker-Trinidad, Hope Sjohnet Dunlap, Fahad Al-Fadhel, Hashim Ali Hassan, Casey James Lamonte, Natalie Rose Maese, Carver William McLellan, Stephen Reid and Lauren Elizabeth Vazquez.

Nine of the ten suspects are currently enrolled at Santa Barbara City College.

Story Created: Feb 17, 2009 at 3:47 PM PST

Story Updated: Feb 18, 2009 at 8:42 AM PST


julie said...

Of all those suspects, I wonder what percentage are Muslim?

But of course, it's not terrorism!.

Gecko said...

Hmm, Julie, I was wondering the same thing.

walt said...


Gecko said...

I tripped over that word too, Walt.
Perhaps they are waiting to charge them with arson. More will be revealed. By the way, that day no one in their right mind from this part of the world would have even considered lighting a fire because it was so hot, dry and windy.

Anonymous said...

At least two people badly burned, not to mention the dear critters lost in that inferno plus of course the millions in property damage and lost family histories ,treasures, photos etc but it still only a misdemeanor?

Anonymous said...

did any of you read the actual press release about several witnesses stating that they saw other people at the site the DAY of the fire, that they believed might have caused it? and the fact that the bonfire was not made that day, it was made the night BEFORE the fire? don't be so quick to judge. It's ignorant people like Julie and Gecko that continue to fuel the flames of racism in this country! ...shouldn't that be a crime? you're the idiots!