Monday, February 02, 2009

Check out the Nubian babies that were born of one of the miraculous survivors of the Santa Barbara Tea Fire at this little oasis of a blog:
Garden Grit: Introducing Phoenix and Morninglory

Before this trauma they lived happily at Carla's Goat Paradise.


walt said...

With some history of "owner-built" homesteads and enterprises in my background, those photos of Carla's are especially poignant. Not sure how people can cope with such a loss ... even though they do.


Bob said...

Thank you agfain for the links, Gecko.

Bob said...

Colleen has the two at-risk babies with her today, as she has for the last several days. She nurses them out in the van, taking breaks from her work as a school psychologist. Yesterday she had a child who was too panicked to take a test, refusing to get out of her mom's car. She invited the child and the child's parent to come out to the van. The child melted, holding the baby goats, and did fine on her tests. How about that for an unorthodox intervention?

Gecko said...

Ouch is right , Walt, but these are extraordinary people.

It doesn't surprise me at all, Bob, that the child's stress level went way down holding the baby goats because they can access what they already know. It has been proven that kids learn better when they are relaxed, another reason to home school.Carla's grandchildren used to dress up certain of the babies, not that I am suggesting this or anything, and the baby goats didn't seem to mind because they were so gentle with them.