Friday, February 06, 2009

Act! for America 92691 - Education

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Members of the Mission Viejo Chapter have produced a report that exposes how it came about that publishers and schools fell prey to deception about Islam and gives preliminary recommendations on how to recognize and stop this deception.

Click on report ISLAM in America's Classrooms: History of Propaganda?

Please share what you've learned with family, friends, neighbors, teachers,
school board members, local leaders...

How Islam was introduced into our elementary schools:

The Clinton and Islam Partnership
Evidence of Negotiations using America’s Public School Children

Much of this post researched and confirmed by Wes Vernon of NewsMax , Paul Sperry of WND and now Bob Unruh 10/19/06
Sources thoroughly provided

Abdurahman Alamoudi, President of the American Muslim Council, supporter of Hamas, Hezbollah and accused of ties with Osama bin Laden, helped develop "Religious Expression in Public School" which was launched by Clinton in 1995. These "Presidential Guidelines" greatly impact public schools today. Nadine Strossen, President of the ACLU, refers to these guidelines as the authority to support the ACLU’s lawsuits restricting Christmas celebrations and removing Nativity scenes from public schools. Meanwhile all practices of Islam are encouraged.

School districts are pressured to utilize these dubious guidelines, which Clinton sold to America as "issued by 35 religious groups," including the American Muslim Council/Alamoudi/suspected terrorist.

Act! for America 92691 - Education

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