Friday, January 09, 2009

Come in here please | The Spectator

In case you haven't read Paul Johnson, he has written "Modern Times", "A History of the American People", "A History of Christianity", "A History of the Jews", "Intellectuals", "The Quest for God", "The Offshore Islanders" as well as "Art". When my child was studying high school history the assigned text books were incomprehensible to her, to me. The minute HIMSELF brought home from the library "Modern Times" and "The History of the American People" our troubles were over. I was hooked and impressed by the clarity of his writing which could be received and understood by a young awakening mind. Here is a little sampling of his writing. "Intellectuals" is a good starter which talks about those that shaped the twentieth century.

Come in here please | The Spectator


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Wow, he is clear and concise! Reminds me of Van! :^)

Thanks for the link, Gecko!

Gecko said...

Thanks for stopping by. You'll enjoy his books if the library hasn't burned them yet.