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...And may all your turkeys come laden with bountiful pumpkin-wagons!


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If you have time, or know someone who isn't on dial up watch Victor Davis Hanson. I'd vote for him for President of the United States.
11 Lunch Keynote: Victor Davis Hanson

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Thanks to the Spirit of Fergus the Cat in commenting at One Cosmos racoonmended this centering meditation.

Serenity - Purring Performance
Love getting the nod to Emily's house.



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“You didn’t fly and serve your country because your were women but, because you had to overcome some attitudes and restrictions at the time, you managed to served your country in spite of being women,” Malachowski said. “You had a dream; you followed that dream, and your legacy inspired my dream.”

DefenseLink News Article: 'Fly Girls' Exhibit Honors First Military Women Aviators

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The Tea Fire is contained.
The artist who is painting the flowers just lost her house above the stone entrance. The firefighter, well, that's an American woman.

How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters

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Tea Tree Fact Sheet 11/15/08 @ 7:00AM
Name: Tea Incident
Start Date/Time: 11/13/08 @ 5:45 p.m.
Location: Santa Barbara County
Incident Command Organization: Unified
Acreage and Containment
This fire has burned 1,800 acres and is 40 percent contained.
Evacuations and Road Closures
Evacuations and road closures remain in effect for the west portion of Montecito and portions of Santa Barbara. Incident Command Team 10 and Law Enforcement are working on a plan to allow residents affected by the fire back into their respective property.
Fire Progression
Fire progression is projected to move to the west towards Mission Canyon Road in the Santa Barbara area; and an eastward spread towards Hot Springs Road in the Montecito area that has been affected by the fire. The south end of the fire is holding but crews will remain in the area. The north end of the fire, which extends into the Los Padres National Forrest, has open line and will be a focus for the next operational period.
Structures Destroyed and Property Damaged
The fire has destroyed 111 homes, and damaged 9 residential structures. 1500 residents remain threatened.
Personnel and Apparatus
2,235 firefighters and overhead personnel are assigned to this incident under unified command. Two civilians have been injured. There are no confirmed reports of injuries to any firefighting personnel. There are 9 helicopters assigned to the fire, no fixed wing aircraft, hundreds of engines and multiple strike teams assigned to the Tea Incident.
Estimated Cost to Date
For further information:
Tea Incident Information Line: (805) 969-2537

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The Tea Fire raged through Montecito, Ca all night and continues tonight.It has been like a war zone with planes dousing foam and helicopters doing the same in the populated areas.. You see the new slide show? Burnt to the ground. And of course there are the creatures. Talk about letting go.

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Copious Dissent - Your Daily Dose of Liberty: Don't look now but Paulson has made a move which , if you are willing to see is
"The greatest heist in world history (which) is happening right before our very eyes, and I'm wondering: Where are all the liberals?

...Do you realize that our Federal Government just spent close to 25% of our GDP via an unelected official? What would it take to see some outrage?"

My own guardian angel has saved me many a time and as of now I can see flames a few miles a way. My twenty something amazing kid, whose guardian angel she has been aware of since she was little had helicopters spraying foam in the war against hell. Our house full of friends evacuated and with their creatures. Rescue Remedy helps the freaked out cats.
Certainly I would think twice about hiring these folks if it were my meat packing plant.
Dhimmi Watch: Muslims get last laugh at Swift: Plant must pay $365,000 to Muslims fired for walking off job

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Go check out how Joan of Argghh thinks and writes. The RNC should be begging her to work for them.

Primordial Slack: First Volley: My Letter to the RNC Chair
Here is an excerpt from Victor Davis Hanson's excellent piece at NRO.

"Excuse me?

"The world may be temporarily awestruck with the wise and all-powerful Obama, but it’s not quite ready to coalesce into a kinder, gentler global family — one people, under one Messiah, indivisible, with peace and justice for all.

In fact, Vladimir Putin doesn’t care a whit that Barack Obama is a path-breaking African-American, much less the first person of color to be an American president. The Chinese can’t quite appreciate in translation Obama’s mellifluous cadences. France’s cool Sarkozy isn’t swayed much by the Obama sunglasses, snazzy polo shirt, or nifty outside jump shot.

All these states have interests — not deities. For the most part, either their enmity with or fondness for the United States antedated George Bush. The world’s mental map wasn’t erased away when Bush took power. Being the planet’s most powerful democracy, and a free and confident world peacekeeper, either excites admiration or earns envy — and even the most crude or the most elegant American president can’t change much that simple fact of global human nature.

To the small degree Obama’s superior charm and style will improve things, the Russians may toast, backslap, and bear hug Obama — before seeking to body slam him against the wall on Polish anti-missile sites. The smiling Europeans will scurry around mumbling “Yes, but of course!” — as they shirk even more. An unhinged President Ahmadinejad will endlessly write rambling letters to Barack Hussein Obama as the last centrifuges come on line. The jihadists will sigh rather than swear as they continue to try to blow us all up."

Win One For the Messiah! by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

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Click on Jamie Gorelick's picture and all will be revealed.

Marine Powerful Poem Semper Fi September 11

YouTube - Navy Hymn: Eternal Father (Strong to Save)

Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who biddest the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!

O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard
And hushed their raging at Thy Word,
Who walked on the foaming deep,
And calm amidst its rage didst sleep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!

Most Holy Spirit! Who didst brood
Upon the chaos dark and rude,
And bid its angry tumult cease,
And give, for wild confusion, peace;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!

O Trinity of love and power!
Our family shield in danger’s hour;
From rock and tempest, fire and foe,
Protect us wheresoever we go;
Thus evermore shall rise to Thee
Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.

[The Wreck, by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900)]
The Wreck, by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900)

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"While America struggles with the sub-prime and credit market crisis, Shariah Islamic Finance, also known as Shariah-Compliant Finance, is quickly infiltrating our financial markets – and bringing Islamic shariah law with it. As one leading Islamic authority on Shariah-Compliant Finance has stated, it is “jihad with money.” In a new ACT! for America video, Joy Brighton, ACT! for America’s financial expert on Shariah- Compliant Finance, warns America of this chilling threat."

Andrew Klavin's new piece from City Journal on his trip to Afghanistan: read it all.

"Now, there’s one thing I know for sure I’d try to put into a War on Terror movie, one thing I found out the moment I got through the Kuwaiti checkpoint and onto the air base: even at its best, military life in these parts is damned uncomfortable. The whole atmosphere of the place was depressing: the endless brown desert of tents and huts, the unsmiling bureaucrats demanding such-and-such an order bearing such-and-such a stamp, the latrines dense with disinfectant and pornographic graffiti, and the sleeping quarters with up to 12 men snoring and farting on the bare mattresses of bunk beds, their boots on, their packs for pillows. To be sure, there were a McDonald’s hut, a Subway, and a Morale, Welfare, and Recreation tent where you could watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 followed directly by Good Luck Chuck. But after two days stuck here on the bureaucratic treadmill, I was more than ready to hire a limo to drive me back to LA.

In my movie, the lead won’t have to get shot at to be a hero. Dude’ll get a medal just for showing up."

Five Days at the End of the World by Andrew Klavan, City Journal Autumn 2008

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Stunning, creepy and it is not a movie folks.
Gateway Pundit: Change... Obama Announces Creation Of His Marxist Youth Corps
> Still stunned and astounded that in one generation the world wide Marxist movement has achieved control of non profits, the main stream media, textbooks, universities, churches and schools and has plummeted into office the POTUS. I want to be wrong. In comments over at OC,the holy fountain, a perfect reminder from commenter Bulletproof Monk

> "... we chant weekly in the Divine Liturgy and Vespers of the Orthodox
> Church...
> In peace let us pray to the Lord.
> (Lord have mercy.)
> For the President of the United States and all civil authorities, and for
> our armed forces everywhere, let us pray to the Lord.
> (Lord have mercy.)
> ...This, I believe, is the proper attitude, as it doesn't commit one to
> agreement with worldly powers, but keeps one appropriately and divinely
> engaged with the World through O in the hope of transforming and transfiguring
> the princes of the world.
> When millions of Christians were martyred in Christ in the Soviet Union,
> they still prayed for the civil authorities that were persecuting them. Seek
> to walk in the light that shines through the darkness, and fear not, for the
> Lord is truly with thee, always, unto the ages of ages.
> In Christ.

How Beautiful We Were @ AMERICAN DIGEST

Vanderleun American Classic

How Beautiful We Were @ AMERICAN DIGEST

iowahawk: Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster

Iowahawk to the rescue:

iowahawk: Election Analysis: America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster

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Elder of Ziyon: Obama asks son of Israeli to be Chief of Staff

Hmm, good move.

Elder of Ziyon: Obama asks son of Israeli to be Chief of Staff
Gagdad Bob
"Soul-Surfing On the Agitated Waves of the Day"

"I can already think of at least ten reasons why President Obama is a good thing:

10. Booming business for cult deprogrammers.
9. Big blow to racial grievance hustlers; Al Sharpton will have to go back to mugging individuals instead of corporations.
8. Terrorists won't hate us as much when they kill us. Plus, we can fight them here rather than way over in Iraq, thus saving gas money.
7. Everything is Obama's fault.
6. AM radio will go back to playing music instead of abusing free speech with conservative talk.
5. People will be more serious about preventative health instead of relying on "doctors."
4. Jews will no longer run the world.
3. We can play the race card in international relations.
2. No concerns about our children and grandchildren growing "soft" for having it so easy. Plus we can blame the idiot youth for their own future problems, since they supported Obama by a 2-1 margin.
1. Conservatives get the #1 draft pick in '09."
Here we go . . .Shariah finance law in the USA

Washington Times - GAFFNEY: Treasury submits to Shariah

------ David Horowitz <>
A Historic Victory

I went to my polling station to vote about 2:30PM. There was one person in line in front of me and my wait was about 2 seconds. So much for the paranoia about the suppression of the vote. There are always screwups at election time but it was not until Florida 2000 that these began to enter the folklore of conspiracy which is an American political religion. This year the paranoia got hot and heavy on both sides. Republicans were sure election fraud was going to rule the day and the Democrats would steal the election. Democrats were just as paranoid that racism would deny the first African American his opportunity to be president. Both were wrong.

I am glad that Obama won by a big enough margin to lay to rest any claim the election was stolen.. I am glad he won by a big enough margin so that only cranks will continue to claim that the words racism and America can ever be reasonably linked. This is a historic moment in our country's history, and reaffirms our place as the most remarkable nation on this earth. Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

I think it's important for all my fellow conservatives to take a moment in the next few days to reflect on these facts and not rush into the partisan struggles which are bound to crowd our political space in the years to come. Let us reflect on the fact that sharp as our divisions are, we are a nation that settles our differences at the ballot box and not in civil strife. Let us do the American thing and give this man the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to prove his mettle by assuming his role as the leader of our nation -- one and indivisble; let us see if he will live up to his promises to heal the country's wounds and unify its contending factions.We face a terrible economic test at home, and barbaric enemies abroad. There will be time enough to hold him to account if he does not honor his promises, and to celebrate with him if he does. In the meantime, let us celebrate this historic moment in America's progress, and do everything we can to show the generosity of spirit that has made America  a land that we love.

------ End of Forwarded Message

FrontPage Magazine

Sharia financing in the United States just became more likely.

FrontPage Magazine

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Hope has many faces - one is writer Andrew Klavan exchanging stories with with mystery man (my bad, I forgot his name) who wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan.

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After you vote get your mind off the election and take QP"S advise and get on with it by packing a shoe box with Christmas goodies while we are still allowed to celebrate it publicaly.


Samaritan's Purse | Operation Christmas Child | Pack a Shoe Box

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Three-year-old Sarah Palin fan says

HT to Cousin Dupree in the comments at One Cosmos!

A Personal Choice from Sultan Knish

Liberal doesn't even begin to describe her background, the zip code where she grew up is two things, extremely pricey and extremely liberal. She went to a Seven Sisters school, majored in something surprisingly practical but went to work in a non-profit in order to give something back.

In a place like that activism isn't a 9 to 5 job and doesn't begin or end with the organization's stated mission involving the elderly but spilled over into staff using it to organize campaigns on everything from boycotts of environmentally abusive companies to readings of Eve Ensler. And of course the election year brought with it posters, taped cartoons, many of them hand drawn by staffers, and most of all the use of the office's computers to promote the cause on social networking sites.

Unlike many New York Democrats who had started out for Hillary, the staff was young and progressive and were split between Edwards and Obama, those few who weren't holding out for a "genuinely" progressive party. She had started out supporting Edwards but switched to Obama in time to go with the flow. She had read his book and found his speeches inspiring, but as the campaign went on it was his supporters whom she found turning increasingly ugly. She had not been a Hillary supporter but the jokes from many of the male staffers, the ugly cartoons that went up, the emails and flash animations she was being forwarded and the casual comments were not only crossing a line into sexism but passing it by with the speed of a fastball in Yankee Stadium.

She tried to speak up once or twice, only to be mocked and ridiculed. So she remained silent. When Palin joined the ticket though things reached a new level of ugliness. If the jokes and cartoons had been bad before they reached a new low. And because she had dark hair and wore glasses similar to Palin's, some of the jokes were now being aimed at her. The day that the email of Palin's head photoshopped on a pornographic picture was forwarded around the office, she tried to file an official complaint over the creation of a hostile workplace environment. Instead she was told to stop sabotaging the good work being done and though her complaint was supposed to be confidential, it was clear that everyone in the office knew about it. The next day the email forwarded to her featured her head photoshopped in place on the offending picture.

But she remained where she is. She believes in the work she is doing and emphatically does not want to cause any harm to the organization. She will however be voting for John McCain. She doesn't agree with many of his policies, but she thinks he is a decent man. She hasn't turned on Obama though many of the speeches she found inspiring now seem shallow, but she doesn't understand why something that began on such an inspirational note has brought out such ugliness in the people she considered her friends. She hesitates to use the word Nazi like but she lets slip that it reminds her of her grandfather describing the change that came over his fellow workers in that time. It frightened him then and what she is seeing frightens her now.

And so she has made a personal choice that is she sharing with few people, but she is not alone in that choice even in that office.

Across America there are millions of stories like these, of people wrestling with their convictions, resisting the bullying, the tide of media and peer pressure, of sweet talking and outright intimidation. Their voices are quiet, they may not even answer truthfully when the pollsters ask, but they have seen the Obama revolution and they want no part of it.

Sultan Knish

Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem


Gateway Pundit: Obama's Plans For Marxist-like National Civilian Security Force Back in the News

Gateway Pundit: Obama's Plans For Marxist-like National Civilian Security Force Back in the News: "'We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set,' he said Wednesday. 'We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.'"

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LGF Exclusive: Bill Ayers\' \'Prairie Fire\' in PDF Form

LGF Exclusive: Bill Ayers' 'Prairie Fire' in PDF Form

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American Thinker Blog: Escape plan for liberals if McCain/Palin win


Escape plan for liberals if McCain/Palin win

Thomas Lifson
Andy Bowers and the crew at LiveLeak have produced a hilarious spoof of an infomercial directed at elitist liberal Americans who might wish to flee to Canada after the election, should the GOP win. We can all use a laugh right now."
American Thinker Blog: Escape plan for liberals if McCain/Palin win

Obama in 2-D by Mark Steyn on National Review Online

Obama in 2-D by Mark Steyn on National Review Online

The End of Journalism by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

The End of Journalism by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online

------ Forwarded Message
From: Robert Eringer
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 07:01:30 -0700

D.C. habit:

Robert Eringer
November 1, 2008 12:00 AM

If Barack Obama wins the White House three days from now, he is likely to entrust John McLaughlin, Rand Beers, John Brennan and Anthony Lake with our nation's national security policies. To quote Yogi Berra, "This is like dèjé vu all over again."
"These are Obama's principal intelligence advisers," a former CIA official confirmed for The Investigator. "Which means that his call for 'change' is as hollow as it is ridiculous."

Mr. McLaughlin served in the CIA for 32 years and was deputy director of that agency when he resigned in a huff in November 2004. Before that, he was deputy director of the agency's analytical division.

"It was John McLaughlin's analytic failure that led to the invasion of Iraq," said a former CIA operations officer who had a front row seat during pre-war U.S.-Iraq machinations between the White House and CIA. Or, as another senior intelligence source put it: "He has a history of tailoring his analysis to satisfy the needs of the principal and cannot be trusted to be a provider of intelligence information."

This source added that Mr. McLaughlin serves his own best interests. "One can be assured," he said, "that anyone who leaves the intelligence community and immediately finds a job with a news outlet, as McLaughlin did with CNN, leaked classified information while in office."

Mr. Beers, a former National Security Council staffer, would likely be national security adviser to Mr. Obama. Highly partisan, Mr. Beers -- according to a member of the intelligence community -- while at the NSC gathered inside-White House, NSC and top level State Department information -- and placed it at the disposal of John Kerry's presidential campaign to secure a senior job. When informed by FBI agents in June 1996 that mainland China had hatched a plot to secretly fund President Clinton's re-election campaign, Mr. Beers famously declined or neglected to inform his boss, national security adviser Anthony Lake.

John Brennan was an analyst at CIA until Director George Tenet made him a special assistant and, says a former CIA official, "turned him into a creature of the Bush administration to become Fran Townsend's gopher." (Ms. Townsend was assistant to President Bush for Homeland Security.) "I'm just appalled that these are the guys Obama has around him," continued The Investigator's CIA informant. "They are inside-the-Beltway chair-movers. We call it 'rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.' "

Mr. Brennan is CEO of The Analysis Corporation, a State Department sub-contractor that found itself in hot water earlier this year after improperly searching the passport records of presidential candidates. "Brennan is a substantial self-promoter and achieved nothing but dysfunction while head of the Terrorist Threat Integration Center," a former intelligence official told The Investigator. "One could argue that his effort was a complete waste of energy."

It is believed by some Democratic bigwigs that Mr. Obama would select Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico as secretary of state -- Richardson's reward for coming out early against Hillary despite "owing" his allegiance (in Bill Clinton's mind, anyway) to the Clinton campaign.

Big mistake. Mr. Richardson is a walking bundle of scandals ready to come unstuck at the first mention of Senate confirmation process. Something about women, including a former personal assistant, weary of being groped and tweaked, who finally snapped, "Cut it out or you will wake up one morning and find your name splashed on the front page of every newspaper in New Mexico," and intimate dinners with girlfriends at El Farol's on Canyon Road in Santa Fe and Embudo Station, a brew house halfway between Santa Fe and Taos.

And something about corruption: Rumors are circulating that the governor received cash kickbacks from the construction of Rail Runner Express, a new commuter train between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In addition, the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office are investigating Beverly Hills-based CDR Financial Products and its CEO, David Rubin, for contributing $110,000 to Mr. Richardson's political pursuits after winning a $1.6 billion bond issue to fund NM highway projects, including the Rail Runner.

And the man Mr. Richardson supported to become president of Highlands University in 2004? Meet Manny Aragon, former president of the state senate, who 17 days ago pled guilty to conspiracy and mail fraud and now faces five years in the clink for siphoning $700,000 from construction funds allocated by the governor.

Some say Bill smells.

So secretary of state in an Obama administration would probably go to Anthony Lake, but only if the Democrats score at least 60 seats in the Senate to ensure confirmation. That's because when Mr. Lake was nominated by Bill Clinton to be director of Central Intelligence, he requested his name be withdrawn after learning he would be confronted with allegations that he endeavored to personally profit from oil companies in "the Stans" (former Soviet Union) while still national security adviser.

"Change" will bring him back.

That's how Washington works, with a government-in-exile occupying think tanks like Brookings and CSIS, and lobbying firms, where former officials hibernate until their party makes a comeback and they rejoin officialdom with stale agendas repackaged as "change."

John McCain's intelligence and foreign policy advisers are no different. Mr. McCain's main guy, Randy Scheunemann, is a professional lobbyist who lobbied on behalf of disgraced Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi for the U.S. to invade Iraq. And while advising Mr. McCain on foreign policy, Mr. Scheunemann took money from the Republic of Georgia to lobby its causes as a registered foreign agent.

The point: The Capital Establishment is in control; the commander-in-chief constrained. A new president takes two-to-three years just to fill appointments -- and then it's re-election time.

Although "change" is the rhetorical slogan of choice this election, get ready for another four years of yielding to lobbyists, turf wars and pork -- and contrived scandals to divert your attention from being sold out. As Sarah Palin might say: Same old, same old.

In perpetuation of its own pork, Washington knows how to hog-tie a new chief executive.

If you have a story idea for The Investigator, contact him at State if your query is confidential.


------ End of Forwarded Message