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Here are some of the warriors that we are so grateful to and so very proud of photographed by Cheryl Cohen.
My beautiful friend Cheryl Giefer sent me this. LOVE.

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This one I got off Bob's Blog who has dogs and goats and lot's of adorable children that he home schools with his wife Coleen.

YouTube - Amazing Grace History/"Amazing Grace" By Wintley Phipps

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Barack Obama and the National Anthem

Obama is right up front about his disdain for the symbols of our great country. Sure did make me fume when I saw this.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Barack Obama and the National Anthem

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We attended a screening of a partially finished documentary on wounded
warriors.The event was put together by Cheryl Cohen who started "Lives Out Of Combat" The LOOC Foundation is "a project to highlight the valor and intelligence of the military who continue to defend liberty in the free world, and to raise money for those who have suffered severe injuries in this noble pursuit." The first thrill was standing next to a familiar face, the incomparable David Horowitz. The film showed several warriors including one extraordinary Marine who had been hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq which split his head wide open. Although that bomb not only blinded him and broke his bones it clearly did not break his warrior's spirit. He had a diamond studded false eye ball in one eye socket while the other socket was sewn shut. He now works with seeing eye dogs. Attending and also in the film was Ilario Pantano, author of "Warrior". World War II warriors were there in the persons of
Howie Beach , wounded in the Hurtgen Forest in October of 1944, and Steve
Crandell, who was wounded on a bombing run over Europe. Among others
Carl Franks represented the Vietnam Purple Heart holders and now heads up Freedom Is Not Free. It was an evening filled with stories that brought tears to many in the room particularly to the warriors themselves. These are warriors that are born and called do what is necessary.
All the money they raise goes directly to wounded warriors and their families and they are chosen by purple heart recipients. Please honor them in anyway you can.
In case you have ever wondered why it is that most movies of today don't begin to compare with the old ones like Casablanca (and I can think of a few exceptions) here is something my friend the artist and patriot Thomas van Stein emailed me.

United States Motion Picture Production Code of 1930

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For the television broadcasting term, please see production code number.

The Production Code (also known as the Hays Code) was the set of industry censorship guidelines governing the production of American motion pictures. The Motion Pictures Producers and Distributors Association (MPPDA), which later became the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), adopted the code in 1930, began effectively enforcing it in 1934, and abandoned it in 1967 in favor of the subsequent MPAA film rating system. The Production Code spelled out what was morally acceptable and morally unacceptable content for motion pictures produced for a public audience in the U.S.A. The Production Code enumerated three "General Principles" As Follows:

1. No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it. Hence the sympathy of the audience should never be thrown to the side of crime, wrongdoing, evil or sin.

2. Correct standards of life, subject only to the requirements of drama and entertainment, shall be presented.

3. Law, natural or human, shall not be ridiculed, nor shall sympathy be created for its violation.

4. Specific restrictions were spelled out as "Particular Applications" of these principles:

5. Nudity and suggestive dances were prohibited.

6.The ridicule of religion was forbidden, and ministers of religion were not to be represented as comic characters or villains.

7.The depiction of illegal drug use was forbidden, as well as the use of liquor, "when not required by the plot or for proper characterization."

8.Methods of crime (e.g. safe-cracking, arson, smuggling) were not to be explicitly presented.

9. References to alleged "sex perversion" (such as homosexuality) and venereal disease were forbidden, as were depictions of childbirth.

10. The language section banned various words and phrases that were considered to be offensive.

11. Murder scenes had to be filmed in a way that would discourage imitations in real life, and brutal killings could not be shown in detail. "Revenge in modern times" was not to be justified.

12. The sanctity of marriage and the home had to be upheld. "Pictures shall not imply that low forms of sex relationship are the accepted or common thing." Adultery and illicit sex, although recognized as sometimes necessary to the plot, could not be explicit or justified and were not supposed to be presented as an attractive option.

13. Portrayals of miscegenation were forbidden.

14. "Scenes of Passion" were not to be introduced when not essential to the plot. "Excessive and lustful kissing" was to be avoided, along with any other treatment that might "stimulate the lower and baser element."

15. The flag of the United States was to be treated respectfully, and the people and history of other nations were to be presented "fairly."

16.The treatment of "Vulgarity," defined as "low, disgusting, unpleasant, though not necessarily evil, subjects" must be "subject to the dictates of good taste." Capital punishment, "third-degree methods," cruelty to children and animals, prostitution and surgical operations were to be handled with similar sensitivity.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another great post atOne Cosmos
where Gagdad Bob quotes Ezra Klein on Obama:

"That is his appeal; he is [ironically] an actor, a performer, a cinematic presence that stirs simple emotions, emotions that have little grounding in truth. His speeches are the inane lyrics to a popular song that endures only because it has a great beat. One must not think to deeply on what Obama says, for it turns to smoke and disappears in the light of day... Obama's speeches do not inform, they pander, they propagandize, they harmonize with the mythology of despair and the chimera of entitlement. As his hagiographies proclaim, he represents a new Camelot, but one that does not hold America quite so precious, a Camelot of globalists, moral relativists and communitarians(sic)."
Then there is this Viva Obama video spot.
YouTube - VIVA OBAMA 2008
Poor Hillary.

Obama reaches out to Jewish leaders | JTA Election Central

Charles had an update to Sunday's post vis a vis 's hailing of the Obama as he savior of the world. Here is Obama distancing himself from Farrakhan as he speaks to some Jewish leaders in Chicago:
"I DON’T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING MY PASTOR SAYS — BESIDES, HE’S RETIRING (HEY, DON’T ANY OF YOU HAVE AN UNCLE WHO SAYS SHVARTZA?): “I am member of the Unity Church of Christ, Trinity United Church of Christ been there for 20 years. And although this is an improvement because you don’t think I am Muslim, which is the other… [laughter] You know so, slowly we are progressing here. It is a very conventional African American Church. If you go to, if you were there at the church you would be hearing gospel music and people preaching about Jesus. It is a very conventional in that sense. It is true that my Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who will be retiring this month, is somebody who on occasion can say controversial things. Most of them by the way are controversial directed at the African American Community and calling on them start reading books and turn off the tv set and engage in self help. And he is very active in prison ministries and so forth. Its is also true that he comes out of the 60s he is an older man. That is where he cut his teeth. That he has historically been interested in the African roots of the African American experience. He was very active in the South Africa divestment movement and you will recall that there was a tension that arose between the African American and the Jewish communities During that period when we were dealing with apartheid in South Africa, because Israel and South Africa had a relationship at that time. And that cause - that was a source of tension. So there have been a couple of occasions where he made comments with relation, rooted in that. Not necessariary ones that I share. But that is the context within which he has made those comments. He does not have a close relationship with Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan is a resident of Chicago and as a consequence he has been active in a range of community activities, particularly around ex-offenders and dealing with them. I have been a consistent, before I go any further, a consistent denunciator of Louis Farrakhan, nobody challenges that. And what is true is that, recently this is probably, I guess last year. An award was given to Farrakhan for his work on behave(sic) of ex-offenders completely unrelated to his controversial statements. And I believe that was a mistake and showed a lack of sensitivity to Jewish community and I said so"
Obama reaches out to Jewish leaders | JTA Election Central

AMERICAN DIGEST Essays, News, Notes, and Quotes

Read Growl Written by Gerald Vanderleun's nearest and dearest Gerald Allen Van der Ginsberg if you need to work on those abdominals. Mine hurt.

AMERICAN DIGEST Essays, News, Notes, and Quotes



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AT&T - News

Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam's preacher, the Trinity Church of Christ's Obama's black separatist church in Chicago hails Obama as the saviour of the world. It looks like plenty of uninformed people agree with him. There is an actual possibility could elect our first communist president. As if the hundred million deaths under communism in the twentieth century weren't enough.
AT&T - News

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ignore this information at your peril.
Elder of Ziyon: Interfaith dialogue, Islamic-style (revisited)
Dr Robert Godwin reminded us this to "Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world
of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy." --Joseph Campbell

" You could say that pathological cultures are essentially exercises in
collective (-p). I mean, if you can bypass your sheer horror for the moment,
just consider this story from LGF, 'Honor Killing' Epidemic in Britain:

"Up to 17,000 women in Britain are being subjected to 'honour' related
violence, including murder, every year, according to police chiefs.... And
official figures on forced marriages are the tip of the iceberg, says the
Association of Chief Police Officers. It warns that the number of girls
falling victim to forced marriages, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and
even murder by relatives intent on upholding the 'honour' of their family is
up to 35 times higher than official figures suggest.

"The crisis, with children as young as 11 having been sent abroad to be
married, has prompted the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to call on British
consular staff in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to take more action to
identify and help British citizens believed to be the victims of forced
marriages in recent years."

The crisis has also also prompted the Archbishop of Canterbury to welcome the
imposition of sharia law in Britain. At least the (mostly) homosexual
ephebophile Catholic priests only harmed individuals. This loon wants to
normalize abuse on a mass scale."

Monday, February 11, 2008

American Thinker: Obama's Politics of Collective Redemption

Kyle Anne Shiver has written an important piece at American Thinker.

American Thinker: Obama's Politics of Collective Redemption
More about Islam in our schools by Cinnamon Stillwell writing about Islam in our schools at
FrontPage Magazine.

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Mark Steyn at CPAC in Washington this weekend . It doesn't get much better than this.
BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Incorporating Sharia into legal systems
Here is a ruling in the Texas courts . Now our courts are arbitrating sharia. What next?

The Jawa Report: Good News! Shari'a Law in <s>London</s> <u>Texas!</u>
Step down Rowan Williams:
Archbishop of Canterbury 'should resign' over Sharia row - Times Online
Here is more about sharia law and ye ole Archbishop of Canterbury in England from Canadian Guy.
"Have a nice day". Hah - gotta love these guys! - A Marine and a Cab Driver in Iraq.

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More up to date Burka fashion from Berlin.

Gestalten mit digitalen Medien

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Better be checking the textbooks of your children and grandchildren.