Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wed Night Quote- Gagdad Bob

>" That's a very good question that I've been meaning to address in a post. That
> is, if knowledge is neither subjective nor objective, what exactly is it?
> Basically, it is situated on a gradient of deepening coherence, and therefore
> meaning, and evolves by being able to synthesize more and more particulars in
> its vision of the whole; it is always converging upon real Truth, even if it
> never technically arrives there.
> Just as you cannot simultaneously look at and through your glasses, you can
> either look at history, which is what historians do, or look through history
> at what it is converging upon, which is what a Raccoon does."


Anonymous said...
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USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I love that quote, and it bears repeating! :^)

Danish fan said...

Not to correct himself but is there any value in considering the idea that with good sight one can look through and also at dirty glasses as the specks give one a point of focus, but do not totally impede,vision?

Gecko said...

Hi DF,
I think that cleaning the glasses would be more valuable than focusing on the specks.