Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Didn't Start The Fire
Hat tip to Page for this. Watch for the subliminal messages.


Mizz E said...

Sorry for the off topic message, but I didn't see an email contact in your profile.

Don't know if you can use but thought I'd pass along anyway. I just downloaded the Mac OS X software update combo
that was released today and it contains the newest version of Safari.

One of the first post installation checks I made was .... "Let's see if Blogger Edit/Post mode
has all the tools in Compose mode, like are in Firefox & Camino" and presto! Yes it does.

Also if you haven't been over to OCAS today, Ben has a helpful post about backing up your blog.

It's fast and easy.

Here's the link to the download at Apple.

Gecko said...

Mizz e the coontechette from Texas - thanks so much. I did it, i did it! !