Sunday, November 04, 2007

Man who had sex with bike in court - Telegraph

Maybe with this wild sex story someone will actually read this silly little


Rory said...

> All Wishes Honored at the BIKE STOP!
> Tired of the same old-same old? Rory and Bianca Smathers have opened THE
> BIKE STOP in Redditch.
> A stylishly appointed "bike brothel", the Stop (as it is popularly known)
> has become a must for the
> sexually adventurous cyclist. Situated in a quiet side street over a tanning
> salon, away from the heavy
> traffic of the famed motor cross nearby, it offers a haven for those who
> seek the comfort of a good
> leather seat and a puncture-proof tire.
> Bianca, the unofficial "spokesperson" of the business started with her
> husband Rory, says" We offer a
> nice place where gents can come and poke a lovely Schwinn and not feel
> strange about it" She is
> particularly proud of the decor, most of which she designed herself. A
> first-time visitor will be welcomed
> by an erotic video of the Tour De France and a complimentary cocktail in the
> cozy Handle Bar and given
> a menu of options in a complete price range.
> An hour with a smart little unicycle can be had for as little as $45, while
> a threesome or "Daisy" with two
> seater will rum $150 or higher.
> "If they like 'em young," says Rory, also a certified mechanic, "We got a
> cute little scooter with training
> wheels that's a real darlin'". He mentions that a new Harley-Davidson room
> is in the works to go with
> the Vespa Lounge where one can sample the delights of a real Via Veneto
> experience.
> "We're open twenty-four seven and come on by even if you just want a blow
> from our air hose," says
> Bianca.

Joan of Argghh! said...

No, Gecko dear, we come here to be with you. Just like you are!

So, y'know, just talk a bit more, give a few more clues about the pictures you post. Or don't. I still stop by.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

How can...? Wait, don't answer that, I don't wanna know.

I'm tired of bike's bein' exploited. We gotta do somethin' about this!
Where's the outrage?

Desana said...

Thanks for writing this.